This project was the culmination of Management 4070, Analysis and Design of Business Systems.  Our four person team had to find a business in the Auburn, Alabama area and design a computer application and database system to help improve the functionality of the business.

The project team was composed of myself, Jonathan Dobkins, Chris Thompson and Mark Watson.

The business selected was TigerTown Embroidery and Screen Printing, a company that does most of its business by creating custom tee shirts for Auburn area organizations.  At the time of our initial contact with TigerTown, inventory was done strictly by hand, counting the number of blank shirts, caps, etc and keeping track of the numbers on each box.  Artwork was kept on Zipdisks, but there was no means or method of cataloging the images.

Based on our discussions with the manager and art director, the inventory management system was designed using Microsoft Access with a Visual Basic interface to make the system as user friendly as possible.  The application was navigated with pushbuttons, and information was entered using drop down menus when possible and textboxes when the need for entering new data arises.

The screenshots below give a general idea of the look and feel of the system.  Please click the image for a larger version.

The main menu screen.  Buttons give access to subscreens. The inventory screen.  The item number is generated by the system
The customer information screen The apparel information screen
The brand information screen The order tracking screen