The following are projects undertaken and completed during the course of Management 3070, a class which taught Visual Basic programming.  Each project was created using Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0.

Project 1 - Rental car company.  This project developed a user interface for a fictional rental car company.  The application allows a rental agent to enter relevant information about a rental, including customer name and address, car number, days of rental and starting and ending odometer readings.  The application would then take this information and compute the rental charge.

Project 2 - Reading and Refreshment Coffee Sales.  This project replicated an order system for a coffee shop.  It allows the user to enter the number and types of coffee purchased for an order.  It then calculates the subtotal for the order, adds in tax and gives a grand total for the order.  It also stores the information so that a sales summary can be viewed at any time.

Project 3 - Loan payment calculator.  This simple loan payment calculator uses dropdown boxes to select varying interest rates and calculates the payment amounts for varying loan sizes.