This project was the culmination of Management 4880, MIS Projects.  The course was a synthesis of various skill sets.  The class was a five week summer term class that culminated in a functioning, web based system that interacted with a database.  Our team chose to create a system that would allow a membership based organization to collect meeting reservations from its members via the web.  The system was also designed to allow new members to join the organization, as well as act as in information portal.

The team consisted of myself, Mark DiRuscio, Amy Parker, and Mark Watson.

Please click the screenshot below to enter the site.

This project was not supported by ACG Atlanta.   The design was used strictly to show how the system could be used to drop in to an existing web site.  Use of ACG Atlanta's logo and information on the organization does not represent any endorsement for the project, work or team members on the part of the organization.