Projects undertaken and completed during the course of Management 3080, Java 2 Advanced Business Applications Development.

Project 1 - This was just a basic applet to prove that we understood basic Java and how to load the applet into a browser.

Project 2 - Inventory Analyzer applet.  This applet reads figures, performs a basic computation and returns an answer.

Project 3 - The same applet as above, but a layout manager was used to align the fields.

Project 4 - A further extension of the inventory analyzer, this time with methods for validating the user input.

Project 5 - The same inventory applet with the calculations split off into a separate class.

Project 6 - Login applet.  The applet reads the username and login and, if it is valid, redirects to the inventory applet in Project 5.

Project 9 - Customer contact applet.  The applet asks a user for a number of contacts to be entered.  Using this information, it builds an array, populates the array from user input and displays it to a text area using a for loop.

Final Project - An inventory management system for a fictional tarp manufacturing company, Tarp-On Industries. The website has multiple Java applets that interact with a mySQL database to track inventory of raw materials, orders and completed work.  These applets are accessible to management via a login and password applet. The website also includes a Java based catalog which describes the company’s products for the general public on a separate section of the website.