I have been working with html since 1995.  It began as a hobby, but quickly grew into something more.  I have been involved in different capacities with multiple web sites, personal, professional and commercial.




Launched in January 2012, this is a refreshed website for International Logistics & Management Solutions of Covington, Georgia. The project called for an eight to ten page site with contact form capabilities. The company has locations in multiple states and so the contact form had to be able to direct emails to the correct location for rate quoting.

IL-MS home page
The width and height of the containers are set so that the site's masthead and borders are always visible.
IL-MS services page
As with the JP Office Solutions site above, the auto overflow property was applied to the container which contained the text for each page so that text can be scrolled within the page.
IL-MS rate quote page
In order to correctly deliver the rate quote request information to the proper office location, the office dropdown sets a variable passed to the background php code to determine the email address used for the form handler.

JP Office Solutions


In September of 2011 I was contracted to refresh and provide a new web face for JP Office Solutions of Covington, Georgia. The project called for a six to eight page site with contact form capabilities. The site is hosted locally by the client on a Windows server using Internet Information Services, so all scripting would have to be asp based.

JP Office Solutions About page
The curved border for the page was created using the border radius element and adapting a JavaScript code to force the curved elements in Internet Explorer for cross-browser functionality.
JP Office Solutions Services page
In order to keep the look and feel of the site consistent across pages with varying amounts of text, the auto overflow property was applied to the div which contained the text for each page.
JP Office Solutions Contact page
The contact form uses JavaScript to handle error checking - assuring that the needed information is present before handing off the information to the asp code to email the form information to the designated email address.

Ideal Concrete & Stone

A small information only site designed and launched in January 2010. The client wanted a web presence and an ability to showcase a portfolio of previous work as well as an online catalogue of material choices for potential clients.

Ideal Concrete home
The page header was created in an attempt to mimic slate paving stone. The company logo was created in Photoshop based upon a branded clothing sample that was provided by the client.
Ideal Concrete contact form
The contact form uses JavaScript for error checking to ensure black emails are not sent. A mailto php code then collects the form data and emails it to the appropriate email address.

Cherokee Home Exteriors


A quick "facelift" for a metro Atlanta company's website, this site was done primarily to showcase the client's project portfolio.

Cherokee Home Exteriors home
The shared page header includes the company logo as well as a scrolling marquee featuring the various services provided by the company.
Cherokee Home Exteriors project gallery
The client's primary desire for the site was to be able to provide an online portfolio of work done. The clickable image gallery allowed for smaller thumbnail images clickable to larger images of before and after work.

Not-for-Profit/Non-Profit Organizations

Georgia Association of Paralegals


The Georgia Association of Paralegals website is a site with which I have been involved for many years. The site was redesigned in December of 2010 and I was responsible for coding the redesign based upon the client's wishes. I am also responsible for day to day maintenance of the site, as well as the back in code that works with the databases and other user interactions. The most recent updates have dealt with user interaction and data capture/reporting. Meeting reservations, as well as other registrations, now use php code to store form data in mySQL database tables. Other php scripts allow administrators to export the data into Excel files.

Georgia Association of Paralegals home page
The site is built around a three column design which utilizes the outer columns for navigation and information that needs to be available on every page, while the center column contains the page text. The site also has rotating advertising capability in the top section of the right hand column.
Georgia Association of Paralegals login page
The site features a password protected section accessible only to members of the board of directors. Credentialling is handled by a login and password combination stored in a mySWL database table and php scripting to check the entered password against the value stored in the database.
Georgia Association of Paralegals rsvp page
To provide online registration for meetings and events, a basic form allows for site visitors to select an event date, fill in their details and submit the registration directly into a mySQL database table. Whose wishing to pay for an event by credit card are then directed to the website's PayPal page for payment.
Georgia Association of Paralegals export page
Administrators are able to generate Excel reports of event attendees by the simple selection of an event and the press of a button. Data from the tables are exported using a php routine.

British American Business Group - This site design was an initial step to give this professional organization a presence on the web.  It has since been superseded by a much more robust site.  Though not available online, I do have this site archived and can make it available for those who wish to see it.

Georgia Association of Paralegals - This site was an early iteration of the site listed above.  This site was created using static html in order to give the organization a web presence.  Though not available online, I do have this site archived and can make it available for those who wish to see it.

Community/Faith-based/School Organizations

Austell Christian Church - This site is was redesigned at the request of the church leadership.  Initially there were some limitations to the site based on the webhosting company.  However, those limitations no longer exist, and hopefully the site will begin to develop into a more functional site.

Tri-State Christian Fellowship - A site designed to give basic web presence to an organization of churches in the tri-state area of northwest Georgia, northeast Alabama and south Tennessee.  The site is currently under development and the current state more of a placeholder than anything else as the leadership makes decisions on what needs to be on the site.

St. Pius Class of 1965 - The site started as a way to share pictures from a 40th high school reunion. It developed into a site with information on, and for, members of the class of 1965 of St. Pius X Catholic High School in Atlanta.  Although no longer online, I do have this site archives and can make it available for those who wish to see it.